Garre revindica “more gestures” protecting water.

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Garre revindica “more gestures” protecting water.

The president stressed that “We are all responsible for the legacy we leave to future generations”.

The president of the Community, Alberto Garre, opened today in Cartagena Congress ‘We are Water’, Associations of Housewives, Consumers and Users, which highlighted the Region of Murcia as an example in the rational and beneficial use of water, and claimed “more gestures” that allow to continue to protect this natural resource.
In this sense, recalled “priority” which is a good water management for the Regional Government, due to the “incidence and vital importance it has had in our community”, both to protect the environment and safeguard our economy through the development of agriculture and tourism, “Main sources of wealth”, Garre said.

For the chief executive, the water is “a heritage of all” enshrined in the Constitution as part of our daily lives, and “the lifeblood that should unite us”. A su juicio, water is “economy and culture, and for some regions such as Murcia, directly part of our social and cultural identity, of our DNA “.

In this sense, President stressed the importance of promoting “greater awareness among consumers about how these resources are managed and how we can get the water really is a common good for all”. The president claimed more information, “Especially in these times when water is constantly debated between territories and star of current information about the problems caused by flood or shortages caused by drought”.

“We are all responsible for our legacy to future generations”, subrayó Garre, and, therefore, “Every Action Counts, any small gesture in the use and management of water is essential, because, insignificant it may seem, can be decisive “.

Under the slogan ‘We Are Water’, above 1.400 people involved these days in Cartagena in the National Congress of Associations of Housewives, Consumers and Users, an event for debate and analysis on the proper use and management of water resources.
They are present representatives of the agricultural sector, Health, Consumption, the field of research, Tourism, the media and companies responsible for water supply, inter alia. For the president Garre, this congress shows “the high social and economic value of water resources for the region and for Spain”.

During these days, will deepen and will answer essentials for consumers, such as knowing the details concerning the water bill and how water reaches homes; aspects related to the quality of water we consume, besides what use does the food industry and the various options offered by the tourism industry or in connection with this resource.

Speaking, the regional chief executive stressed that one of the major challenges that will arise against climate change is “water scarcity”. The World Bank, for 2050 more than one billion people will live in cities without enough water resources to meet all your needs.

In this sense, the president said that “the Region of Murcia is an example of the importance we give to users and organizations use and reuse of water, although it is always important to look and go beyond the awareness of citizens “.

The commemoration this year’s World Water Day, under the theme ‘Water and Sustainability’, wants to highlight the amount of so-called ‘liquid element’ that can consume in everyday products of our daily; what has been called ‘Virtual water is not seen’; water unseen, but touch, you eat, spent and used by all, definitely, in those daily actions.

“Only if all citizens are aware of the large amount of water that carry those actions and never forget our responsibility, achieve these actions remain an everyday, for unexceptional, in our lives “, Garre said.

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