Mercagrisa S.A.

More than 14 years of experience

It is a young company founded in October 2002 the fundamental purpose of contacting two essential parts of the agricultural market: producers and Buyers.

We’ve spent a decade, through effort and work, build a standardized performance model that allows us to meet the quality standards and goals we set since we opened our doors for the first time.

We are a company whose growth over the years, we are the clearest example of our ability to sacrifice and work with our suppliers and customers.



Our main objective is, for, give the best service to the farmer to support you throughout the process of production and distribution of your goods. Just as we turn to our customer and the end user to achieve the perfect balance between price and quality.

As a service company, one of the fundamental pillars that support our work is to solve the problems that may arise as well as the resolution of any arising needs of our customers by giving a thorough and professional support.


The cultures of our geographical area, thanks to the favorable climate we enjoy and water offered by the Tajo-Segura, water watering our fields, allow us to achieve the best quality.

Most farmers who work with us have the latest technologies in infrastructure multitnel hydroponic greenhouses.

Products we sell:

In winter Artichoke, Broccoli, Zucchini.

In summer Peppers in different varieties and California Lamuyo; Red, Green, Yellow, for both industry and for different markets.

Our field of action is developed in domestic markets (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Etc.) and international (France, Italy, etc.).

We have a network of trade to ensure the product that customers demand at all times, controlled from planting by our service that monitors and ensures our products to court for sale.