The Murcia horticultural sector increased by 5% exports despite the Russian veto

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The Murcia horticultural sector increased by 5% exports despite the Russian veto

Garre stresses the “strength” of regional horticulture and opportunity that the Berlin Fair supposed to secure it in European markets and seek alternative to Russian

The president of the Community, Alberto Garre, highlighted the “strength” of regional horticulture today, “Despite the impact that caused the Russian blockade, has experienced an increase of about five percent in 2014 (a lack of closure in December) over the previous year, which totaled sales in foreign markets valued at 2.136 million and output 2,3 million tons of product “.

The head of Murcia accompanied the regional horticultural sector in the international fair of fruits and vegetables, “Fruit Logistica”, held in Berlin 4 to the 6 February, with the aim of consolidating the good data export, revalidate Murcia presence in the international market and take this opportunity to present the novelties offered the Murcia agriculture.

The president said that “participation in this international fair, the largest in the world, It is essential for contracts that are closed, allowing consolidate the good figures for exports in the Region of Murcia, strengthen the sector in European markets and seek alternatives to the Russian market “.

Murcia exports 28 percent of fruits and vegetables of the national total

The regional chief executive stressed that “exports pose Murcia 20 percent of total exports nationwide, as, added to the data processed products, Murcia has already reached 28 percent of the total fruit and vegetables exported Spain.

So, Murcia still exports more than it imports and these data place the region in the first province in horticultural exports, followed by Almeria and Valencia.

The fate of Murcia products focuses on the countries of the European Union to which arrives 70 percent of horticultural exports and, in order of importance, are Germany, UK and France.

Murcia representation in this fair is made up of about fifty companies in the Region (48) and over 200 business, occupying a space of about 500 square meters in the institutional stand of the Autonomous Community.

Murcia horticultural companies participate through partnerships Amopa, Apoexpa, Hortiberia Group and Proexport, and the Regulatory Council of the Pera de Jumilla, representing 75 percent of exports of fruit and vegetables in the Region. Other 15 Murcia companies attend with its own stand.

Good data that throws the regional horticultural sector also translate into employment, Murcia since agriculture is an engine of job creation by, according Garre said, “Even in the current crisis, found almost 60.000 agricultural and with a growth of over jobs 26 percent in the number of people employed by the sector between the years 2.000 and now “.

Moreover, President also spoke at “Fruit Logistica” in the presentation of the income statement last year in exports of Proexport and Hortyfruta (Andalusian Association of fruit and vegetables), as well as the initiative to promote the sector ‘We care, you enjoy’, whose image German actress Esther Schweins.

Proexport’s involvement in the region is very significant, not only in terms of production, but also in promotion initiatives such as this campaign that launched with Hortyfruta, and support from the EU and the Ministry of Agriculture, three years ago, and it is having a very favorable reception in the consumption of fruit and vegetable production in the European market.

Also, President also emphasized the important advocacy work from the regional government, Info through, is made of horticulture with the campaign ‘Ready to travel’, which aims to provide a unique picture of the high quality of Murcia products.

I Congress Peach Cieza
Another important event that took place this morning at the stand of the Region of Murcia in “Fruit Logistica” was the presentation of the First Congress of Peach Cieza, held from 6 to the 8 March in the municipality.

The president of the Community, who accompanied the organizers of this unique event, along with representatives of agricultural cooperatives Cieza, indicated that this town “is the land that produces the best peach world, thanks to its production and acreage, makes the region in the first producing province of this fruit in Spain “.

The objectives of this congress, an event of national and international level to coincide with the time of flowering peach, aspire to be a meeting point for professionals from diverse fields to promote this fruit inside and outside our borders.

In this regard, President stressed that the peach Cieza “unmistakable” hence the explosion of color that exists in its flowering stage as the different varieties that can be found, and defined by having its own characteristics with different nuances of flavor.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Imide through, working from 1973 in projects related with peach, developing lines as ecological adaptation, clonal selection and new varieties of peaches and nectarines, and the study of optimum dosages irrigation cultivation. With this research is intended to produce new varieties of peach, as has been done with table grapes.

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