The project ‘Carbgrowth’ competitiveness contributes to farms under greenhouse

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The IMIDA presents the final results after three years of research.

l Murciano Institute of Agricultural Research and Food (IMIDA), under the Ministry of Agriculture and Water, last week presented the results of the European project ‘Carbgrowth’, led by IMIDA, aimed at boosting the competitiveness of farms in greenhouses in southern Europe.

The director of IMIDA, Adrián Martínez, He stressed that the above mentioned project “has brought significant progress in integrating new processes for better efficiency of greenhouse production systems”. In this sense, said improved production in pepper by controlling the supply of CO2, has not only helped increase the tolerance of the crop to water of poor quality but also to the earliness of the production obtained, reaching double production in the early collections, relative to traditional systems without this productive control.

There has also been successfully combined fish production (tilapia) with a yield of 20 kg / m3, being able to significantly reduce inputs of nitrogen fertilization, to be provided by the fish production system by a specific biological treatment.

On the other hand, has developed an effective disinfection of recirculating nutrient solution by a photoreactor, which in turn is capable of providing CO2 to increase plant photosynthesis. Last, has introduced a new system capable of cleaning gas boiler heating gases through materials capable of accumulating the CO2 overnight and release it during the day when it is absorbed by the crop ultraviolet light and.

The director of IMIDA concluded that “the breadth and relevance of the solutions may be applied and transferred to industry and agricultural enterprises in the short term, having been developed and validated for the project “.

Furthermore IMIDA, the project involved the Agricultural Producers Association of Murcia (Amopa) and the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of the Region (Fecoam), and aquiline company Ritec, along with other representatives of Spain (Inspiralia), France (Ratho), Italy (Chamber of Commerce of Milan), Croatia (Damco and Novamina), Romania (National Farmers Federation) and Malta (AquaBioTech and St. Andrews Farm).

According Francisco del Amor, IMIDA researcher and scientific coordinator of the project, the wide consortium of research centers, undertakings and associations of producers has helped to address real solutions to specific problems under a multidisciplinary team, with the aim of promoting leadership in quality products for a competitive market.

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