Vegetable encompassed in the family Cucurbitaceae, cultivars which belong to the Cucurbita Pepo L spice.

Compact plant vegetation, provided with a stalk-shaped main shaft, short, asurcad, rough to the touch and limited growth in the strongly petiolate leaves are inserted.

The color is variable Fruto, still frequent the green and yellow colors.



Its cultivation can be done both outdoors(September) and greenhouse (at later dates).

Zucchini is grown in greenhouses often enough, allowing a later or earlier production in the outdoor cultivation.


Zucchini Harvesting is done when the fruits have not yet reached their final development, it depends on the variety and growing season, overall this is initiated once have elapsed between 45 and 65 days after sowing. This collection covers the months from September to February.


The courgettes are packed very differently, boxed, in trays covered with plastic sheeting or bags.